Okay. I screwed up. It got pointed out to me, and until that point, I had completely forgotten about it. So I will rectify it by making the opportunity available to everyone. This is a GREAT TB RACE FIRST! I’m going to allow contestants whose entries have gone missing to send out a replacement entry.

There are going to be a few catches to this, and it is going to be highly recommended that you confirm the missing status of your bug in some fashion. First, let’s look at the rules that will be attached to this:

  1. All participants who have lost a racer to this point in time are allowed to enter a replacement racer – but only up to July 1 – which happens to be the halfway point of the year.
  2. Points for the replacement racer will not begin to accumulate until July 1 – this levels the playing field for everyone sending out a replacement.  You may do so this weekend, or wait until the end of the month, but you won’t get points until July 1st.
  3. Should someone chose to enter a replacement racer, then previous scores remain in place and points for the replacement are added to it.
  4. Distance and border crossings from the last known cache in which the original racer was dropped to the cache in which the replacement is dropped are not included in the new calculations.  For example, let’s say that the last known visited cache was in Brazil.  If someone dropped a racer in Ohio, we don’t want that person getting credit for distance and border crossings between those two caches.  Distance and border crossings begin to accumulate again once the replacement racer is dropped into a second cache.  For example, the replacement is dropped in an Ohio cache and is moved to Washington state.  Distance and border crossings are calculated between Ohio and Washington, not Brazil and Ohio.
  5. No points are awarded for the cache in which the replacement is dropped. This avoids the potential for the racer’s owner to deliberately drop it into a cache in such a way as to maximize points.
  6. Should the original racer ever show up again – points for it will not be counted and the owner of the original racer should try to find a way to remove it from circulation.
  7. You must post some kind of note on your TB’s page announcing the release of a replacement item, and modify the listing asking that if the original is picked up, to please contact you, the TB owner, for instructions.

There is one more OPTIONAL, BUT RECOMMENDED item.  All racers were released with a laminated tag.  You do not need to do the same, but it is encouraged that you release the item with some kind of note stating that the item is in a race.  In an effort to assist with this, you may download and print off the Official 2011 Great TB Race Tag.  If you want to make your own, feel free to do so.

Now, if you are interested in releasing a replacement, here are a few things to consider.

  • If your racer has been picked up, and not dropped again, it is encouraged to contact the person who appears to currently possess your racer. They may still be intending to release it.  They could be taking a trip soon.  Or maybe they forgot they have it.  Please try this FIRST to avoid releasing a replacement, only to discover that your racer truly wasn’t missing.
  • If your racer was dropped into a cache, and not seen again, please consider looking through the cache logs for two items.  One would be the first mention of no TB’s in the cache or a “This cache got muggled” note.  The second is to look between the date of THAT log and the initial drop of your TB into that cache.  Did anyone log a find and mention picking up a TB?  Consider contacting that person on the off chance they might still have it and forgot about it, or maybe they dropped it somewhere.  Sometimes, back tracing can help figure out where it is.
  • If your racer has been dropped into a cache and not seen again, also consider the amount of traffic it has received.  Is it an infrequently visited cache?  Has it been visited since?  Consider e-mailing the owner and asking if they could possibly check on it.  Some items do end up sitting in caches for much longer than we’d like.
  • Please consider how long it has been gone.  No traffic since January…very likely missing.  No traffic in the last month…not necessarily a sign that it has been missing.  Definitely consider the above three points before determining that it is missing if the last activity was less than a month ago.  Use your best judgement.

If you have questions, please post a comment on this page.  If you feel your racer has gone missing and chose to release a replacement, I please ask that you send me an e-mail.  This way I can keep track of which racers have been replaced AND make sure the respective scoring volunteers have been notified as a safety precaution.

I don’t not foresee any changes to the above rules.  It is up to you do figure out what steps you need to take both verify the current status of your item and figure out how to send out the replacement.