The 2011 Race Rankings have been updated for June.  Some data is still missing so we will update as it comes in.

Drunken Swede maintains their lead position after a hop to Hawaii and back added considerable border crossings and mileage, putting them almost a full 200 points ahead of our 2nd place contestant Geoboy.  Some other notable set of movements came from Tiki Tiki Taka Taka Tookie Tookie Hike, who to a record NINE EVENTS in a row.  Three of them included Geowoodstock related events, so they haven’t been tallied into the score yet since they were in July.  That is pretty impressive and it meant someone out in the field was really helping to ensure it’s travels.

We do have one casuality I would like to report.  TB’s go missing.  It’s just a fact of geocaching life.  Some don’t get logged.  Some get muggled.  But one deserves a mention today.  Racing for ALS in memory of Uncle Bill.  The TB belongs to civilwarbuff, who was a participant in the 2010 race and has been a scoring volunteer both last year and this year.  The travel bug was released in honor of his uncle, who passed away from ALS in 2009.

Racing for ALS did not see a lot of movement.  It was one of several bugs that got picked up by a geocacher who held onto them for quite a while.  Racing for ALS was in their hands for almost 3 months before it was released in Miller Peak, a 1.5/4 cache at the summit of the highest peak of the Huachaha Mountains in Southern Arizona.  It was last seen during that drop.   This cache, which was placed in 2009, has only seen 13 cachers.  While we generally prefer racing bugs to visit more frequently traveled caches, this is a pretty cool drop to make.  Unfortunately, a forest fire broke out later in the year and in June, the cache was archived after news hit that the fire had topped Miller Peak.  The cache container was a waterproof container, but being made from a type of plastic, it was not fireproof and was likely destroyed.  Trails have been shut down due to the damage and estimates are that they will not be opened again until next summer.

We hate to lose travel bugs, but considering the idea behind this one, and what happened to it, I thought I would share it’s short story.

Until next month everyone…keep on racing.