And the August Points update is now ready for viewing. One piece of data is still running a bit late but we have everything else updated. We find Flashy has made a move back up the board to take over the second place spot, but Drunken Swede is holding onto the lead by a good 50 points. Only about 30 points behind Flashy are Case Racer and Tiki Tiki at 463 and 461 respectively. The 1st place lead is shortening and as we finish the summer run.

Some huge leaps were made as Team Flakes jumps from thirteenth to ninth place. But the bigger leap into the top ten is Neeterbug, who jumps 20 places into the tenth place position thanks to some travel to both Washington and Alaska.

As went enter into the fall, remember to keep on top of your racers. Don’t let them wallow in loneliness in a cache or in someone’s hands. Send e-mails if they sit too long and try to help get them moving.

The race rankings can be found under the 2011 Race Details tab at the top of this page.

Good Luck in September.