As stated last week, this month was going to be a bit late as work has been hectic for me. I have parent – teacher conferences next week alongside some projects to grade. But I’ve got the rankings done…almost. I’m posting what I have so far. I accidentally received the wrong data for one set and another is still being calculated due to some questions that came up. I’ll get it all up as soon as I receive them.

Flashy, if some of you had been reading recent comments, saw some late logging in August that resulted in recalculating it’s score. As a result, Flashy has jumped well into the lead, almost a good 170 points ahead of Drunken Swede. This was an obviously large increase resulting from some overseas travel that didn’t get logged on time. Flashy may very well hold onto this lead till the end, but we have seen last minute movements alter the results before so only time will tell.

On another note, it’s that time of year again to find out if people are interested in another race. So, if you are interested in having a race again in 2012, please post a “I’m interested” comment on this page. If there seems to be enough interest, then we will start planning for next year. The sooner you respond the better. I’ll make a decision in a week based on the response throughout this week. If there is enough interest, I’ll take the last week of October to handle a few planning details and make an official announcement by the end of the month. So please leave a comment on this post in the coming week instead of waiting until November to say anything.


UPDATE: I’ve also created a forum post at the main Geocaching website…HERE.  Feel free to post a message there if you want so that others can see there is an interest.  If you’ve been involved with the race before and have enjoyed your experience, feel free to mention your thoughts for others to hear.  If you have complaints, well we need to hear those too, but e-mail those to me.  Maybe you might help me fix something I didn’t know was a problem.