Okay everyone, we have an announcement to make.  I have been trying to figure this one out myself, but I’d like to make sure I’m not missing something.  So here it goes.  We have someone who has donated a TB to be awarded to the earliest person to have a TB going missing in the 2011 race.  That’s right, a prize for going MISSING!  Here’s how you can help.

Between know and this Friday (Dec 16th), I need everyone who had an entry in the 2011 race to check your bugs.  If your bug went missing, please post a comment on here with the Reference # (that’s the one that starts with “TB” and is listed next to your bug’s name on the race rankings page here on the site) and the date it went missing.  The earlier the better.  I know of bugs that went missing, but then popped up again.  I’m looking for bugs that went missing and were never heard from again.

If you released a copy tag during our one time copy tag release mid-year, you can still qualify for this prize.

So check your bugs.  You have until Midnight, Central Time, on Friday, December 16th to enter your name.

Expect a points update soon (I’m tallying right now actually).  Also expect some information about the 2011 prize pool.  I am currently securing some more prizes for our top five winners.  This is the last chance to make donations to the 2011 prize pool.

We also have gained some new sponsors for the race, including CoinsandPins, MyGeocachingStore, Podcacher, and Cacher’s Toy Box.  Expect some news on that soon as well.

Keep those 2012 registrations coming.  We are already past the 60 entry mark, and there is still two weeks left to enter.




When I ask for the date it went missing, I am looking for “When it was last seen.”  Example.  I have one racer that was last seen on January 12th.  But it has a log entry from July from someone verifying that it hadn’t been seen that day.  I would list the MIA date as January 12th.  That also lets all of you know what the current date to beat is.  If I don’t hear anything by the deadline, that item’s owner would be considered the winner.