I am about to leave town for the remainder of the year so I thought I would post a few reminders about last minute registrations.

1. Registration for the 2012 Great TB Race will end on Christmas Day. That means I will be turning off the registration either late Christmas Eve or the morning of Christmas Day. Depends on when I can get to the computer as I will not have my usually constant access.

2.Anyone in the Nashville area who is planning on going to the starting event has up until December 31st to register, provided they bring their entry to the event. Please contact the event host to not only inform him of your entry, but also to get the link to the registration form.  You still need to fill that out for records.  He also needs to know as we are currently about to cross the 100 entry threshold.  I hadn’t anticipated that many so he will likely need to make some more tags to attach to your racers.  I only made 104.

3. For those in the 2011 race, please be a bit patient with us in January as we double check our numbers.  We appear to have a clear winner already, but 2nd through 5th place is still anyone’s game.  We want to make sure we have the right info.  I will keep you posted.

That is it for now.  Everyone enjoy the holidays.