Registration for the 2012 Great TB Race is now open.

It’s that time of year again. We’ve made some minor changes, including how you register for the race. Read on for details.  The link to the entry form is at the end.

The 2012 race will employ the same basic rules as past races. Travel Bugs will race for one year. A series of goals will be established and every time a goal is met, points are earned. The Travel Bug with the most points at the end of the year will win the race. Prizes will be allotted to the top three finishers, with a guarantee that those three spots will receive prizes with an equivalent value of the purchase of a Travel Bug and shipping a travel bug to me. Estimated cost of that is between $10 – $15, so total prize value is set at $15 dollars for Third Place. If enough prizes are donated to the prize pool, additional prize categories may be developed.

Here are some planned changes for 2012:

  • In 2009, the race started with a cache placed in Kansas City, MO. In 2010, the race began with a New Year’s Day event in Dallas, TX. In 2011, the race began with a New Year’s Day event in Phoenix, AZ. In 2012, the race will begin with a New Year’s Day event in Nashville, TN.
  • After a voting process in 2010, it seems people were more than willing to accept an entry fee. We will continue that this year with the same $2 entry fee per travel bug. This will go towards covering shipping costs, with extra money being used to purchase additional prizes. A donation to our prize pool will waive the $2 entry fee for one travel bug. Items with a value greater than $10 will waive the entry fee for a second family member (not a friend). Items over $20 will waive the fee for a third family member.
  • We have always allowed people to enter one travel bug per person, not per account, to allow for families who might cache under a single Geocaching account. We have allowed people to register for more than one person, even if they have their own account. This year, we ask that each individual Geocaching account that is registering fill out a separate entry form. There is a spot on the form if a couple/family use a single account, but ONLY for that. This helps to ensure that on our end, we can accurately track which Geocaching account owns each travel bug.
  • We are allowing you to release a copy tag if your original goes missing.  Please refer to the 2012 Re-Release page for more information (to be coming soon).
  • We prefer you to enter a traditional Travel Bug.  Trackable items that show a picture are not Travel Bugs.  However, we will allow them in the race.  Please remember that they usually do not come with a copy tag, so if yours goes missing, you will not have a back-up copy to use.  Please refer to the 2012 Re-Release page for information on how you can release a copy for such an item (to be coming soon).  Geocoins are not allowed due to their higher rate of theft.

Additional changes may develop before the start of the race.

Entering the Race:
Now, for the part you are looking for, how to enter the race. We have made entry a bit easier to track by incorporating an entry form. Upon completion of the entry form, you will receive some instructions for how to obtain some additional documents, including your very own scoresheet, shipping information, and instructions for your Travel Bug page.

There is a deadline for entry. To ensure that all travel bugs are in the possession of the starting event host, there are two deadlines for entry: international and domestic. All travel bugs should arrive in Nashville, TN by Friday, December 30th.


I encourage ALL entries to check out shipping times to get an idea of how long it will take the package to arrive at it’s destination. Remember that the closer you get to December 24th, the higher the risk of shipping delays.

If there are any questions, please look through the other pages on this site to see if they might have already been answered during previous races. If you still have a question, please refrain from posting the question on this page. Send me a message through MY GEOCACHING ACCOUNT.

Like we did in 2010 & 2011, we will be looking for some volunteers to help with scoring. However, details about this will not be available until December.

Please make sure that you have read the 2012 Race Rules (see the 2012 Race Details tab above). Also be aware that one of the required items on the entry form is the tracking number for your entry. Please do not enter until you have a Travel Bug in your hands. In past years, we have had more registrations than we had actual travel bugs, making it harder to keep track of all entries. This change was made to make this easier.

To enter the race, go to 2012 ENTRY FORM