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A Computer is Coming

I am up in Nebraska this weekend to reclaim one of my two computers.  This one was an easier fix, but I wanted someone more experienced to check it out first.  This means that next week will involve the busy process of rebuilding my master file for the 2011 Race Results, and then getting things ready for all of the 2012 volunteers.



An update

You all deserve an update.  As of right now, I still do not have a computer.  I am able to use the computers in my apartment complex’s office, but they have a time limit.  I don’t think several hours would be acceptable. 🙂

Just to give an idea of what we’ve gone through.  My computer crashes.  You know that.  I order recovery disks from the Idiot Squad.  You know that.  I then wait.  On Monday, I buy a hard drive.  Tuesday, the disks arrive.  I begin the process of installing the hard drive, then installing windows.


I can’t get things going.  It is giving me an error.  I contact my buddies TC3633 and 8601Delphinium.  We work through some options.  TC’s boss even offers a few ideas (they does tech support for a major retail chain).  I finally decide to take it back to the store because we believe it is a bad drive.  Guess what?  The store employees did a check and they couldn’t even get the hard drive to work.  So, 24 hours after buying it, I return it and get another one.

I go home…I can’t get the second one to work.  More expletives are used before TC is back on the phone.  We run through many different surgical procedures on my computer before calling it a night.  The next morning, I decided to return the hard drive and take in my computer.  So I do that after work.  Guess what….the 2nd new hard drive isn’t working either.  *%#!!!!!!

We check a few other options and I leave my comptuer there overnight to run some tests.  The next day, after work, I go in and they tell me they can’t even get into BIOS (which is like the main piece of programming that tells the computer how to start itself…so that then the hard drive can kick in and load Windows).  Okay.  This could be more serious than a hard drive crash.

So tomorrow morning, I’ll meet with TC and possible 8601.  I’ll be handing off my computer, and fitting in a bit of geocaching with them.  With their incredibly better-than-my-own understanding of computers and computer repair, they will do some open desktop surgery.  Either they figure out it is fixable or they don’t.  I’m hoping for fixable (and cheaply fixable).

SOOOOoooo…race stuff is delayed.  If I can, I’ll try to put together documents and send them out to all of you who volunteered sometime soon.  I will also be posting the document for how everyone can keep track of their own scores for those of you who like to do that.

Now for some food and rest before this weekend.  I have a computer to deliver, some geocaching to do, and taking my girlfriend out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary.

And that’s just the plans for Saturday.



Ok everyone. You are going to have to bear with me a bit. I came home today to find that my computer had crashed. I tried to recover…nothing. I tried calling my buddies (who work with computer)…still nothing. It seems that the most likely possibility is the my hard drive has suffered a physical crash. As in…no recovery. As in…data gone. Now, thanks to e-mails from my volunteers, I can restore my master file of race results, short of the racers I was tracking. Why not mine? Because I stupidly never got around to transfering any of my TB Race files to my external hard drive. DOH! That also means ALL TB RACE files, going back all the way to the 1st race, are now gone. I (THANK GOODNESS) have backups on Google Docs of some of them. But there is one file I do not have that would be important…the scoring guide that I gave to volunteers.

Okay. I am trying to type this using my PS3. However, it is giving me a word limit (which is odd). I will continue this post in the comments below…