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Scoring your Travel Bug

For anyone who is interested in trying to keep score, how about I make it as easy as possible.  I’m going to release both the scoresheet and the scoring guide.

For the scoresheet, go HERE and from the File menu, choose the option to download it as an Excel file.

For the scoring guide, go HERE and from the File menu, choose the option to download.  This is a PDF file, so if you don’t already have it, you will need Adobe Reader (it is free) to view the file.

If you have questions about how something is scored, you can post them on here.  Otherwise, this should help anyone interested in keeping track of their own score.  If you feel that your score doesn’t match what is listed on here, please contact me directly.  If you are using the scoresheet, please send a copy of that with your e-mail.

The volunteers are working diligently on scoring your bugs.  We are aiming for March 10th to have the race up to date.

We are still putting together the prize packages for the 2011 race.  I should be able to get photos and then ship them sometime next week.  I am leaving town to attend a conference, and this is at the top of my list when I get home.

Keep on racing,



The Official 2012 Race List

The 2012 Race Page has been updated.  If you go to 2012 Race Details at the top of this site, then selected “Rankings”, you will see the official LINKABLE list of entries to the race. At the moment, we are still getting the volunteers setup up with their tools, so it is currently sorted in alphabetical order until we have scores.

So that you understand what is going on.  I have contacted our volunteers to confirm that they are still on board.  I then will send them the files they will need to track the scores.  The plan is to have them score the January results first, then send any questions and their results to me.  We will not have results for February until early March.

Usually, I set a deadline of trying to get results to me by around the 10th of each month.  I then copy all the data into my master file and sort the results to post online.  If there are delays, we will put as much of the results as possible up, then update when the rest of the data arrives.  Our goal is to have the results posted by the second weekend of the month.

Feel free to post comments on here if you have questions or want to brag.  If there is a problem with a score, please contact me via e-mail instead of posting on here.  If you have a really cool photo you want to share, go ahead and post it (or a link to it) for others to see.

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when the January results are posted.

The race is over. The computer is fixed. The results are finally in. We can now officially declare the winners of the 2011 Great TB Race. But first, a short announcement from one of our sponsors.

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Fifth Place

Let’s start with the bottom of the prize winning positions.  This position was hotly contested and it literally came down to a fraction of a point in the end. Go ahead, check out the Race Rankings and you’ll see that Tiki Tiki Taka Taka Tookie Tookie Hike won our 5th place position by less than half a point!  With that comes our 5th place prize package.  Congrats on holding on to that position.

Fourth Place

At just a fraction past 500 points, Mario’s Racing Around finished in the 4th place position.  Mario had a good run, racing around Europe for two months before going missing in Germany in September.  With the movement Mario was making, he could have easily been higher on the list if he hadn’t disappeared.  But talk about holding onto a position.  There were definitely plenty of opportunities for other racers to take the lead, but Mario held on strong.  Congrats.

Third Place

Finishing in 3rd place, Case Racer passed up Mario by only 12 points.  Case Racer left the United States in FEBRUARY, getting a thorough tour of Europe.  In the last few months, he got to see more than just Germany too.  Unfortunately, this little tractor suffered a rather significant number of dips throughout the year.  At one point, he was in 2nd place, but Case Racer also went missing in September.  Yet, like Mario, he maintained a prize winning position.  Good job.

Second Place

Our Runner Up deserves a bit of recognition.  At 25,485.9 miles, Drunken Swede put on one heck of a show.  If this was a race for mileage, he would have won by more than twice mileage of the next highest distance.  It also goes to show that in our race, mileage is not enough.  Combined with an impressive number of border crossings, along with several other valuable goals completed, and Drunken Swede passed the competition by a good 60 points.  Give your legs a rest Drunken Swede.  Have a drink.  You’ve earned it.

And our Grand Prize Winner is….FLASHY!

Anyone who has been following the race results the last few months surely noticed that Flashy took a significant lead over the competition due to some impressive statistics.  Four Mega events, three CITO’s, eleven regular events, twelve caches visited with high D or T ratings, nine exchanges, twelve photos, eighty-two border crossings and twenty cache visits helps show how at less than half Drunken Swede’s mileage, you can still win.  I know the owner is quite proud of this, winning our grand prize package.  Oh, and the honor of being the first Great TB Race contestant to pass 1,000 points in the race.  Way To Go Flashy!

I will be taking some time this weekend to put together the prize packages.  Once that is done, we’ll get some details about the prizes up here and I’ll contact the winners about getting them their prizes.  I’ll give a few details:

One fully swag-loaded small cache container

A Trackable Event Nametag

Customized Geocaching Mousepads

Some Get in the Game Geo-Scouting patchs

Bison Tubes

A gift certificate

Various Geocoins

Custom made geocaches

some jewelry

and even a nano.  It wouldn’t be a prize pool without a nano.
With a working computer in my possession, once I get the prizes sorted, I will be contacting those of you who volunteered for the 2012 race.  We will try to get some early 2012 results up soon.   Thank you everyone for your patience while I got my computer back.  There was one piece of good news…my buddy TC3633 discovered that my hard drive, the one that contained ALL of my race files, was still good.  I got all my files this last weekend.  YAY!

So keep on racing 2012 contestants.  We’ll be checking in on you soon.


PS…2011 Winners…feel free to brag.  You earned it.