For anyone who is interested in trying to keep score, how about I make it as easy as possible.  I’m going to release both the scoresheet and the scoring guide.

For the scoresheet, go HERE and from the File menu, choose the option to download it as an Excel file.

For the scoring guide, go HERE and from the File menu, choose the option to download.  This is a PDF file, so if you don’t already have it, you will need Adobe Reader (it is free) to view the file.

If you have questions about how something is scored, you can post them on here.  Otherwise, this should help anyone interested in keeping track of their own score.  If you feel that your score doesn’t match what is listed on here, please contact me directly.  If you are using the scoresheet, please send a copy of that with your e-mail.

The volunteers are working diligently on scoring your bugs.  We are aiming for March 10th to have the race up to date.

We are still putting together the prize packages for the 2011 race.  I should be able to get photos and then ship them sometime next week.  I am leaving town to attend a conference, and this is at the top of my list when I get home.

Keep on racing,