It’s official. We have scores!

Okay. We have most of the scores. I am leaving town tomorrow (or planning on it), so I’ve put up the data I have so far. A few scoring volunteers had last minute questions so that they can get the scores as accurate as possible. So a few sets of data haven’t been sent in yet. You can find the current rankings under the 2012 Race Details tab above. Just click on 2012 Race Rankings once there to see the results.

A few items to point.  It appears odd that there are decimal places since none of the scores have partial points.  This is a result of mileage calculations.  Volunteers enter the mileage, but the scoresheets calculate a score from that, which usually results in a decimal value.  I go ahead and post results with that value as occasionally, when rounding them off, you’ll find bugs with identical scores.  If scores are identical, even with the decimals, then they are sorted in alphabetical order.  The decimal places are good to have though, as the 2011 fifth place winner one by less than one point.

You might also notice a lot of items at the end with 20 points, then some below that.  I personally made a mistake and forgot to tell the volunteers to make sure they count the initial event.  I didn’t realize that until today (I have contacted them), so by next month, we should have the correction in place.

I will be back sometime next week, and I’ll update the results once more with any additional data that comes in.  This year has started off strong, with one racer already past 200 points.  This year could be interesting.