The March Race Rankings have been posted. Delays occurred in a few data points, which was a bit expected with the holiday weekend we just went through. I’ll update as they come in.

A reminder to all owners to keep up with your bugs movements. Visit logs are usually not sent to you via e-mail like a normal log will so even though you aren’t being notified of movement, the items might be getting dipped. It has happened twice to our top contender already. We have also found that due to the use of c:geo as a mobile geocaching app, this has increased the likelihood of accidental dipping. By default, the app is designed to automatically log a “visit” or dip for every item in your possession every time you log a cache using the app.

Don’t hesitate to send polite e-mails of thanks to cachers who have moved your bug or e-mails for help if someone appears confused as to the race’s purpose. Be polite and helpful and you’ll find cachers will be more likely to assist.

Keep on racing,