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The May Points update is here.  Well, partially.  Sunny Daze is still in the lead, but Flower Power has moved up into second place.  Watch out Sunny Daze, you are about to get passed up.

Keep your eyes open over the coming days as more data comes in.


As for some prizes, we have some info on what you are going to be seeing.  We are going to feature one of our Sponsors today and discuss the donation by  They have been a sponsor in the past and are always appreciated for their efforts to support geocachers.  They have donated two pink Lanyards:

They are well made.  Both nice and sturdy with a solid clip to attach to your GPSr.  And they are adjustable.  So there are two prizes.  But we also have gotten a collection of trackables:

So we have five trackables.  Two are CITO trackables.  One is a “Trackable Unicorn”.  One is a trackable satellite.  Each of these are of the “Cachekinz” style of trackables, meaning they are built as metal tags much like a Travel Bug.  The last one is an actual geocoin shaped like an Angel.

Our prize pool now includes two lanyards, a geocoin, and four trackable tags.   A good start to the pool.



May Results Soon

Just a heads up. I have been out of town this weekend working on wedding planning and just got home today. I was going to work on the update and post tonight. It will be delayed. I was involved in a three-vehicle collision this afternoon. My car took quite a bit of damage. I am okay, but a bit shaken up I will have some info and pictures over at Trip’s Geoadventures in a bit before I try to rest my back.  I will start the work later this evening, but I probably won’t finish until the morning. Sorry for the delay.