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With the June updates came some surprise changes in the top 5.  Flower Power has taken the top spot and become the first racer to cross the 400 point margin. Way to go Flower Power. Also, with Geowoodstock having taken place near the beginning of June, we saw several racers make their way to the MEGA event, earning a quick 40 points and likely some miles and border crossings to boot.

Some great stories are likely developing with some of the racers. Unfortunately, others have been struck with tragedy. Several racers have unfortunately ended up in caches that got muggled before they could be picked up again. Others have been placed in caches and forgotten. If your racer hasn’t moved in a few weeks, get online and check out it’s movements. Look at the cache page for it’s current location. Find the log for the person who dropped it into the cache and then read some logs. Did it get mentioned by anyone? Did anyone report a cache with no trackables? If it looks like it is being passed up, sometimes a polite note on the cache page asking for someone to help the racer continue in the race will do the trick.

Or maybe your racer was picked up by a cacher who has held onto it for several weeks. Consider a polite e-mail asking for an update on the TB and asking if there are any questions that you can answer about the race and the bug’s mission. It’s amazing how a well worded e-mail can sometimes get a bug moving.

We are now halfway through the year. There is no way for me to see every log entry out there. Does anyone have a bug that has had an interesting story from their travels? Feel free to share the story with a link to your bug.

It’s been a busy year for me, so I’m sure there are others out there just as busy. Hopefully, many of you are enjoying your summer. I have a nice week-long vacation at the lake starting this weekend. That will really help relieve some of the stress of planning a wedding and replacing a wrecked car.  I will have some stuff with me so if more points data comes in I will update the results.

Race On!!



June Results

I am in the process of moving…today. I will be back to my computer on Tuesday to finish working on the results.  Thank you for your patience.