First off, the July Results have been posted.  At least as much as I have.  Unfortunately, some results haven’t been seen in a while.  So I am taking matters into my own hands at this point since some other options have been exhausted (though, I should be fair and say that some of the results were a result of a volunteer’s computer crash and they have asked me to take over scoring them).  What this means is going through the complete travels of about 28 bugs.  Once I have the scoresheets up to date, updating them month to month will go quicker.  If it hadn’t been for a dipping problem, my own set of 9 bugs would have taken me about 20 minutes to update.

However, this will all have to wait at least until next week.  Not only am I starting the new school year this week (with students returning on Thursday), but my own wedding is this Saturday.  So I don’t have the time it will take to update the scoresheets for the 28 bugs until after this weekend (my job prevents a Honeymoon so I will have evenings free).
Some of you have contacted me about why your bugs aren’t updating.  The lack of several months data is likely the reason.  Todd, I have your name down as needing a look at your bug.  And I have a note from the owner of Gumby.  These are the two I saw when I checked in this week.  If there is anyone else that has a discrepancy with the score you have calculated versus what is shown on this site (don’t count August movements in your score yet since they aren’t figured into the online results yet), please post a comment on here with the name of your TB, it’s reference #, and the score YOU have calculated.  Once I update the 28 bugs previously mentioned, I will compare it to what you are reporting and get back in touch with each of you regarding the discrepancy.

This year has been a hard year for the race, and a seemingly busy one for me personally.   As much as I would love to say that this race has gone on for 5 years, there have been enough complications this year to make me reconsider doing this another year. I guess it will depend on how much people want another race.  I recall being contacted from someone who wanted to replicate the race.  Maybe they might be interested in helping manage this one next year.  Who knows.

Good night everyone,