Volunteers are currently working on getting data that hasn’t been updated in a while up to date, either due to volunteers who weren’t able to assist any more (and I didn’t know about) or who had problems and need us to update for them (some lost everything).  It takes time to go through 8 full months of checking logs, especially since this year has been a rougher year for dipping.  My guess is an increased number of users using apps like C:Geo, which by default automatically log a “Visit” log for all trackables in your possession (which if you don’t carefully go through the settings, you can easily miss this option).

I will have an update this week, with ALL racers updated.  I am also checking on the few issues some of you have brought up about inaccurate scores AFTER we get them all updated.  I say after because a few appear to be related to the lack of updates on some bugs.

We’ll be back soon with the updates.

I will say that I am currently looking at NOT doing a fifth year.  This does take time to manage everything and I am increasingly finding my weekend time is filling up well in advance.  Despite having a number of volunteers who help me, it still takes time to do everything.  I’d be open to stepping down to a volunteer role if someone is really wanting to take over the race, but this could be my last year of doing this.  Heck, someone else might have some ideas for improving the race.