We finally have as complete a set of results as possible updated.  At the moment, only about 14 bugs are not fully updated.  I wanted to hold off updating until we had everything in, but attempts to get some of the data have gone unheard.  I can say that everything up through the end of July is represented.  We had several that were worse than that and I have not been very good about ensuring that data is submitted through emails to volunteers.  Everything except for seven shows scores as of the end of August.  I am trying to get the last two sets submitted, but after pushing off the last set of updates to try and get everything collected, I’m sure some of you are antsy to see what the current results are.

I can say that Unregistered Alien has taken the lead from Flower Power.  This has upset the lead five racers a bit.  Baseball Travel Bug Origins is holding onto 5th place by just over 30 points, with Neeterbug’s Racer holding onto 4th place by only a few points.  With three months of data left in the year, this is still anyone’s game.  A few good point-earning movements could totally change everything.

Alas, I am also sad to say that this will be the last year of the Great TB Race.  Four years is a good run.  However, I have found managing the race a bit more stressful this year, between the data updates not always going smoothly and completely to not having as much spare time this year, particularly on the weekends when I tried to work on the race.  Between getting married and starting a new job, among other things like an auto-accident and trying to find a second job, some things need to be set aside.  This will be one of them.

If someone wants to step up and take over the race, I will help be a volunteer.  I just can’t take the time to manage the race anymore.  If someone is interested, please send me an e-mail at tripcyclone1@gmail.com .

I hopefully will have the complete data posted in a few days.