Whoa!  Time sure flies doesn’t it.   It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas is only a handful of days away but it is.  And we are still here.  The world didn’t end either.  I guess the Mayans still want to see how this race comes out.

It seems I didn’t upload the October results.   I had them here, but never got on to update and I really have no idea why.  So without further ado, the results have been updated.  We are still missing some info so if any comes in between now and the end of the year, I’ll try to update them.  I have contacted all volunteers to discuss plans for how to get the final results submitted.   Our goal is Sunday, January 13th.

I am currently in the process of trying to organize all of the prizes and get further prizes purchased.  If anyone wants to donate a prize, now is the time to do it.  Just send me an email through Geocaching.com (user name: TripCyclone) and I can get you a shipping address.

A few items to note.  Unregistered Alien had taken over the top spot with 670 points.  Well, it seems the Invasive Visitor has not moved very much and from logs, is possibly MIA.  This unfortunate event for the alien has allowed Flower Power to regain the top position.  With only one more cache, Flower Power becomes the first racer to hit 700 points!  The race is seeing some high numbers this year.

Neeterbug’s racer has popped into 3rd place, passing up Circling the Drain, who drops to 4th.  Neeterbug becomes the third racer to cross the 600 point threshold this year.

In 5th is Baseball Travel Bug Origins, just shy of 500 points, but with a roughly 30 point lead over 6th place Cougar.  Considering the almost 60 point spread between Circling the Drain and Baseball, there will need to be some serious movement in the 5th-10th place position to change any of the top four positions.  Unless there is something in the data I’m awaiting that I don’t know about yet.  The only other change to the top 10 came from Tracker the Labradour, who jumped from 13th to 9th.  Yet several racers are close enough that the 6th-10th place positions could still see a change.

This game isn’t over yet.  We will soon be crowning the fourth and final Great TB Race winner.