The Race is OVER! The Results are completely in! We can finally announce who won the race. YAY!  So the big question everyone wants to know is who finished in the top five.  In other words…the PRIZE WINNERS.  Let’s get started.

5th Place – An Antique Find: Circling the Drain

Circling the Drain held dearly to the prize winning position.  A month ago, this racer had dropped to Fourth Place.  It appears another racer edged in and dropped him to Fifth.  At least, it was only fifth place.  Circling the Drain gets to receive some prizes.

Some additional facts.  Circling the Drain had the 3rd highest mileage, coming in at 14,937 miles.   He also was tied with Unregistered Alien for the 4th highest amount of high D/T visits with seven total visits.  And the last stat to note is that He was part of a large group of racers tied for the 2nd highest number of MEGA events.  Some cool facts.

4th Place – Cougar

Cougar was the surprise entry in the final five.  Previously positioned in 6th place with around 470 points, Cougar made some jumps in the last month.  Gaining almost 90 points, this kitty cat is the reason Baseball Travel Bug Origins was edged out of a prize winning spot.

Here are some stats about Cougar.  She was only SEVEN points ahead of Circling the Drain.  With only 5696 miles under her collar, Cougar had the LOWEST mileage of the five prize winners by almost a full 4,000 miles.  With no MEGA or CITO’s visited, Cougar relied heavily on her non-mileage stats.  With eight event visits  she tied with Steve the Hippo for the 3rd most events.  Her nine high D/T visits put Cougar at the top of that category, tied with Flower Power.  In the Trackable Exchange category, Cougar led again with eight exchanges, tied with Neeterbug’s Racer.   Finally, along with Unregistered Alien and Circling the Drain, she took 2nd place in the category of Photos.  Several high positions in various categories shows how valuable those other points can be, dispelling any ideas that this race is only about mileage.

3rd Place – Neeterbug’s Racer

Finishing in third place, Neeterbug Racer maintains her position after popping into the spot last month.  As one of only three racers to finish with over 600 points, Neeterbug put up a hard fight.

We’ve already seen that Neeterbug was tied with Cougar for the most exchanges.  Neeterbug was also the only other prize winner to have less than 10,000 miles, but only by about 600 miles, so definitely closer than Cougar.  With 55 border crossing, Neeterbug also tied for third place for that category alongside World Wide Marble.  Only twelve racers earned points for attending CITO events.  Neeterbug’s cleanliness helped her be one of those twelve.  She also had the fifth highest number of non-event caches with a total of 16 visits to caches.

2nd Place – Flower Power

Flower Power has been a Tour de Force this race, often finding herself in the top five.  With a commanding 699 points, she was very close to becoming the first racer to cross the 700 point threshold in race history.    For a while, it was almost a certainty that Flower Power would win prizes.  In the last few months, the world almost could be removed.

The Flower also had some nice stats.  She had the second highest number of cache visits with 19 (excluding events).  She was part of that group of racers to attend two MEGA events.  She has the fourth largest distance traveled with 11,498 miles.  With heavy mileage often (but not always) comes a high number of border crossings.  This racer had the second highest number with 58 border crossings.  We’ve already seen that this powerful plant tied for the most D/T visits with Cougar as well.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER – Unregistered Alien!

Finally, we’ve reached the overall winner of the race…Unregistered Alien.  Like Flower Power, it was known for a while that this visitor would do well.  Last month, it appeared that he was MIA and as a result, dropped down to 2nd place.  Flower Power’s lack of movement showed that this alien wasn’t MIA, he was biding his time.  Finally, in the final month, he beamed into first place by only a few points with a total of 701 points.  Only two points more than Flower Power.  That also means an extra Congratulations for being the only racer in race history to cross 700 points. Way to Go!

And for the facts.  We’ve already seen how this invader was high in both Photos and D/T visits.  But it was events that really helped this guy win.  Unlike many aliens who try to hide from the public, it seems this one wants to meet them.  With 9 regular events, 3 MEGA events and 2 CITO’s, Unregistered Aliens topped all three categories!  This resulted in a grand total of 360 points JUST FROM EVENTS!  WOW!

So a congrats to ALL of our prize winners.  I should also say a congrats to all racers who finished out the year.  I’m sure some potential winners went missing throughout the year.  It is always sad to see them go.  You can check out the complete list of final scores on the Race Rankings page.

Information on prizes will be coming soon.  Those of you listed on this page as winners will receive emails in the coming days.

Let the bragging begin.