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End of April Points Update

As April comes to a close, we have another points update for all the race fans out there.   For the most part, the standings have not changed, with only a few points added here and there for most of the first eight spots.  However, with a small upset, Fishin’ For A Winning Spot & Jalyn and Marley have knocked Oz Passport to New Caches & Scruffy the Geodog out of ninth and tenth place (respectively).

Two pieces of news also need to be announced.  First, my very own Chocolate Racer making the second official visit to a checkpoint cache.  WOO-HOO for me.  Not enough to catch up to 10th place yet, but it’s nice to see my racer back in action.  The second piece of news is MUCH more exciting.  GeoJunkie (formerly BooBear) had his racer “A Little Screwy” still listed in the starting gate until mid April, when it finally was discovered in Mason Rock in Nebraska.  Nobody knows how it got there, but that makes it one less racer MIA.

Several racers have popped up MIA however, and I encourage all race participants to keep tabs on their TB’s.  Catching something that has gone missing as soon as possible will help to increase the chances that you actually determine where it is.  Also, once again, don’t forgot to update your TB profiles with the “NO DIPPING” rule.  At least one racer has suffered since the last update.  Because of some dipping, it lost credit to two events, a picture, some minor mileage, but a potential for huge gains in border crossings (30+ points for just that option alone).  Help make sure the people who pick up your TB’s know about this before they engage in dipping.

I’ll try to put up the points on the contestants page soon, but I am about to leave town for a wedding and might not get to it before I leave.  The standings page has been updated.  Let the race continue.



March Points Update

A much anticipated update arrives. Check out the Standings to see who the top 10 racers are. Some upsets occured for positions 4 – 10, but the top three have remained the same, albeit some rearranging.

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Okay everyone.  I’m in the middle of a points update as we speak.  Because of the bug regarding TB mileage, it is taking a bit longer to make sure everything is calculated.

Expect to see an update tomorrow or Friday (at the latest).